The impact of music


by Grace W Upper IVA

Music – What a great, round, full of life word! It can capture every single aspect of life.

Going back in human history, we still have the question hanging above us: which was first, music or the language? The research carries on!

The art of music is around us and fills in the gaps in our daily life, and that smile or gentle movement of the body increases our happiness little by little, helping us through the good and bad times.

From the ages before us, music involving singing, dancing and playing helped the development of our brain. 

Did you know that listening to Mozart for 1 hour every day increases your IQ!?

In January 2020 I went to see the Shen Yun Ballet in London, what a beauty! The music coursed through every single part of my body! Take the Woodley Festival in Reading – the buzz around us and the strays of music takes us into the magic world of beauty.

Back on January 1st  2021, I remember watching the Vienna New Year Concert under the baton of the famous worldwide conductor, Riccardo Mutti. The concert was broadcast in over 90 countries and followed by (40) millions of viewers around the world. The concert went ahead without an audience.

Music affects our emotions, it can unite members of family, it can take us in a world of dreams. During WWII famous singers such as Vera Lynn went to the frontline to support the army.. 

When we listen to sad songs, we feel sad. When we listen to joyful songs, we feel happier. Upbeat songs with energetic beats and fast-paced rhythms (like exercise music and ones at sports events) tend to make us excited and pumped up.

The value of music is enhanced by the numerous great artists we are so fortunate to have around us. Throughout the whole world, music is one thing that connects us; it is a universal language that just flows through the mind and body, lifting our moods. We all have to recognise that we have missed it a lot. Theatres, shows, singers and actors, school performances, just to name a few, are all being affected by the present economic situation. They are in need of our help and we must make sure that we will assist them all the way for everyone’s benefit.

Let the artists ‘paint with their voices’, the stories they put together, they composed and fed us carrying on with the tradition of music that goes from many generations before us.

Music is a puzzle piece and there were static months before us, there will be static months ahead but the music will forever buzz around us.

Don’t let music die but be a triumph of our daily life. As Riccardo Mutti said ‘music is a mission to make society better’. 

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