Christ Church Scholars’ Recital


I performed in the Christ Church music scholars recital last week. I was really nervous but also excited and happy. The first to perform was Seohyeon on the violin playing the La Campanella. It was brilliant: the piece was really fast and she could keep up with the fast-paced beat, and she had memorised the whole piece by heart. It was really amazing. 

The next to perform her piece was Ella on the clarinet playing Soiree Stucke Op.73-1st movement. It was a sad and mysterious piece and she played it really smoothly; it was beautiful. Then it was my turn. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me as I stepped up to the front.  I was playing the Montagues and Capulets by Prokofiev; some people would know it as the theme tune for The Apprentice. I was scared that I would miss a note or make a slip or something. But I was really glad when I made it through the piece without too many mistakes. I was really happy when I sat back down. After me was Jess on the flute playing Bali Moods. It was soft and flowing and gave the image of running through a wheat field. 

It was really brilliant to watch other music scholars perform their pieces and interesting to see what they had prepared. I really enjoyed this experience. 

Ivana, Upper III (Year 7)

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