Wind Turbine Trip


Upper I visited Green Park Wind Turbine to see first-hand a renewable energy source in action.  As part of their PYP unit of ‘How the world works’ they have been inquiring into the effects of fossil fuels on the environment and the need for us to find more sustainable energy practices. The visit was both informative and inspiring and has left the year group with a desire to find out more.

Did you know:

  • The turbine produces electricity which feeds straight into the National Grid; about 70% of energy generated gets used in a two square mile radius around the turbine.
  • The turbine produces electricity through the wind powering a generator unit.
  • The turbine is 120 metres tall and weighs nearly 300 tonnes in weight.
  • Each blade measures 35 metres.

“I enjoyed learning about how the wind turbine helps us generate electricity” Beatrice

“It is amazing that we can create electricity without harming the environment” Manxi

“Did you know it took just 5 days to build the turbine and has been in use everyday since 2005? That’s longer than I have been alive! “

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