We have lift off!


In July Mrs Jones surprised the Junior school with a very special gift to signify the end of The Abbey SPACE Project. The Abbey Junior School was going to the Moon! 

She had placed the Abbey Junior School on the NASA database on Artemis 1. This was the first in a series of increasingly complex missions that will enable human exploration to the Moon and Mars. It is an uncrewed flight and the primary goal for the mission is to demonstrate that the new systems ensure a safe re-entry, descent, splashdown, and recovery of the spacecraft prior to the first flight with actual crew members on Artemis II.

The initial launch was expected to be in August, but unfortunately was delayed a few times due to technical difficulties. But, it did eventually launch on the 16th November 2022. 

To find out more information about the launch and the mission, why not check out the Nasa website: https://www.nasa.gov/artemis-1

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