Last Friday, students from both Junior and Senior schools were inspired by meeting Jasmin Odeogberin,a netballer, who has been in the England U21 squad, played in the European Open 2019 and presently aiming to return to the England Senior squad. She led gameplay sessions with Years 3&4 following a motivational assembly with Year 6  where she was asked lots of questions by inquisitive students and thanked by the Sports Captains. There was a queue at break time for autographs before she headed off to address Senior school students as well.

Abbey students continue to be inspired by Sophie Drakeford-Lewis, who was a rising sports star at the Junior School, and also played at Woodley Netball Club that The Abbey has always had a strong affiliation with. 

She was a natural all-rounder from a young age and was a top ranked GB tennis player prior to focusing more on her netball. Some current students were at the Copper Box Arena this weekend watching her play for the England Roses versus South Africa in the Quad Series, and all the PE Department enjoyed the exciting match on Tuesday against Australia where Sophie and the team excelled in the final quarter to bring about an incredible draw. 

Sadly in Wednesday‘s Final the Australians turned the result around. The next time the teams will meet could well be at the Commonwealth Games, and Sophie, one of the youngest squad members, when looking back at where it all began pinpoints the Abbey Junior PE staff and their recommendations to extend herself at a local club. Could this be any of you in the future, heading along a similar pathway?

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