Upper II’s Space Day


At the end of Spring Term, Upper II concluded their inquiry into space technology and its significance on our lives by holding a Design and Technology Space Day. For homework, students were asked to design a piece of space technology to help solve global problems such as climate change and pollution. 

They brought these ideas to the event and worked in groups, collaborating, communicating and problem solving to create their own satellites and robots. To conclude the day, the students presented their work to the group and explained how it would help the planet. 

They also reflected on the skills of Maths, Art and Design and English that helped them to make their creations.

Space Day Recount – Jiya 

On Space Day we dressed up as anything space-related. I dressed up as a white stormtrooper from Star Wars. 

In my group, I had Bella, Amber and Samar, who were working to solve the problem of deforestation; we made a satellite that was controlled from the robot lab on Earth. I think the colours that we used went really well because they all blended together. 

The satellite had a camera so every time a tree gets cut down, it plants a new one. Fantastically, we used three aspects of The Abbey Learner Profile Creative, Open-Minded and Communicators. 

Next time, we would definitely make robots to protect the new trees that have been planted so they do not get cut down again. 

Space Day Recount – Hannah

On Space Day, we were faced with the challenge of building our own piece of space technology based on the homework of helping with a global issue. I chose global warming, and we made a satellite that monitored global warming, it was called The GWS and it stood for Global Warming Satellite. 

It was going to help Earth because it monitored the temperature on Earth and if the air was reasonably clean. If the air wasn’t as clean as it needs to be, the GWS automatically sent a signal to Earth; that way people would be aware of the rate global warming is rising.

Several things went well for us, for example: we were able to split up into different groups and still work on the same satellite; we could listen and still speak to each other; everyone was open to each other’s ideas; no one argued or dismissed others ideas; when we had finished making all the different parts, we worked together to put it all together and in the right spots.

The Aspect of The Abbey Learner Profile used during the project was ‘Inquirer’ because when I didn’t understand something people on my table helped me and I loved listening to them sharing their ideas.

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