The Bubble Show


During the half-term, 7 students from Upper II got together and went to see ‘The Bubble Show‘ at South Street. 

The science behind the bubbles got the girls thinking, what is a bubble? A bubble is nothing more than air enclosed in soap film, which is created by mixing soap and water. Soap molecules make up a bubble’s exterior and interior surfaces. Like the bread in a water sandwich, there is a small layer of water sandwiched between the two layers of soap molecules. Gases in a liquid-enclosed bubble. Creating bubbles is undoubtedly one of the easy science activities you should try.

After the show they individually commented on it:

Thimuthu: ‘Today we went to the Bubble Show! I really enjoyed it, especially the bubble art. It was fascinating!’

Jianing: ‘My favourite part of the show was when Mr Bubbles created a green foam creature’

Margaret: ‘I absolutely loved the bubble art part of the performance.’

Emma Xiong: ‘I liked the show. My favourite bit was when the Bubble man set fire to the bubbles’

Amy Ma: ‘I really enjoyed the funny parts and the bubble art’

Sophie: ‘I found it really fun when he lit the bubble and I also got to be part of an experiment’

Hannah: ‘ I really enjoyed the show, and it was especially interesting when he made helium bubbles!’

They closed the day with a pizza by the riverside. They’re already planning the next trip …

by Margaret Upper II

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