With so many things going on in the world at present, there was no better time for students at the Junior School to be focusing on the topic of kindness. 

As a result of this topic, Myrah (Upper I) and Mishca (Upper II) managed a successful summer sale to raise money for The Great Ormond Street Hospital charity.

Both girls came up with the idea of putting their toys, books, music instruments and gifts up for sale with all proceeds going to the GOSH. 

From designing the invites, selecting the items to put up for sale, pricing each of the items and finally convincing the buyers to make the purchase, the girls managed everything independently. Through this initiative, Myrah and Mishca managed to raise £300 for the GOSH charity.

To show their appreciation, GOSH wrote to the students thanking them for their kindness and thoughtful endeavour. 

Myrah and Mishca demonstrated a great sense of ownership and purpose, and put in a lot of hard work into this noble and worthy cause.

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