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Lisa Brice (Born 1968, Cape Town) – Salon 94 

I am drawn to the ambiguity that people and places can hold. Sometimes the compositions of my paintings feel like cinematic outtakes: the moments between directed actions, when the figures are ‘on their own time,’ self-involved, performing only for themselves or one another. — Lisa Brice, 2018

Through Lisa Brice’s work, she challenges the historical figuration of misogyny and the portrayal of women in literature, art features and the outdated stance on femininity taken by men. Within her pieces, Brice echoes the style of Édouard Manet, Pablo Picasso and Edgar Degas, to mimic impressionist and modernist techniques; this creates the essence of a private moment caught in an image, with many of her women going about their daily tasks. Brice claims her compositions resemble a film reel of life and the periods of time where one can just be. Her striking use of complementary colour palettes, in conjunction with the varied stances of the human form creates a busy painting reminiscent of a compilation of seemingly insignificant tasks. Brice aims to enhance and exemplify attempts at stretching the perception of women.  

Bella, Lower V

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