Who’s She? The favourite board game in Lower I/Upper I


The Upper I and Lower I students have been taking part in a weekly games lunchtime club, where we have learnt a variety of different games including Chinese Checkers, Top Trumps, Connect Four, Charades and more recently, by far the favourite, Who’s She? 

Who’s She is a two player game about courageous women who changed the world. It is based on the game Who’s Who. Players guess their opposition’s identity by asking about their accomplishments, not their appearance, with questions like: Did she win a Nobel Prize? Did she make a discovery? Was she a spy? 

This game is loved by students for Who’s She features women who had the courage to be different and take risks. Their triumphs, adventures, discoveries and inventions will inspire them to dream bigger and take risks! It has been lovely for the students to be exposed to a variety of Women from around the world, inspiring them to do their own research into these role models accomplishments. 

Miss Vorster

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