Sugar Handbags


This half term girls from Upper IV have spent their Friday lunchtimes making these adorable sugar handbags from pastillage paste and royal icing.  They have learned to shape, print, form, pipe, assemble and decorate their work and I am sure you agree that these pieces really are a testament to their hard work and dedication.  Sugarcraft Club is held in the Food Room every Friday lunchtime.  New members in Lower IV and Upper IV are welcome.  In the second half of this term we will make fantasy sugar shoes. Please email Mrs Mair to book your place.

“This half term in Sugarcraft club we made handbags; we used different techniques to decorate our handbags. My favourite week was when we were piping with royal icing. This was really fun because we were just adding finishing touches to our handbags. We also used edible paint to paint over the icing making the edges of the handbags shine. I really enjoyed sharing what I made with my friends and family. They were very impressed!” Vidya

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