Sixth Form Redevelopment


Earlier this week I and nine other students, mainly Upper V, looked around the Sixth Form development project. The Sixth Form building is currently under reconstruction, with the project aiming to modernise the space for the Sixth Formers and create another dining room for the older students in school. We first of all climbed onto the roof of the school where we saw some builders removing the tiles before they could start to remove the metal framework. The site manager was telling us about the upcoming goals for the project, with the main one being adding to the existing steel framework for the third floor that is being built. To do this they are getting in a crane and have to expose the current framework to weld the metal together. 

After seeing the structural work on the roof, we went inside to the second floor of the Sixth Form to see what had happened inside. Most of the old classrooms now had their walls knocked down, creating a very open and eerie feel. All the floors had been pulled up and there was currently scaffolding in the majority of the space to catch debris from the roof being taken down. It was definitely an odd feeling seeing what used to be our Sixth Form building in such a different way! The site manager then showed us where they were laying foundations to the side of the existing building, ready to build the three storey extension.

Overall it was a very interesting experience and all of us really enjoyed seeing the progress of the project and learning more about how it will all work structurally.

Natalia, Upper VI

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