Senior Lunchtime Recital


Firstly, I have to congratulate all the performers on Wednesday for all their beautiful pieces. Coming to Interludes Recital was honestly quite nerve wracking but afterwards I realised that everyone there is really kind and supportive as an audience. 

Listening to the variety of pieces performed was really enjoyable from pieces composed by classical composers such as Aria by Mozart and A La Nanita Nana arranged by José Ramón Gomis, to more modern pieces like Tom Sawyer by Rush and No Man’s Land by Thomas Fellow.

I played my tuba in front of a crowd for the first time and it was a great experience to be able to practise our performing skills in a small, yet friendly environment. 

Overall, going to Interludes Recital was a great experience and I thoroughly enjoyed performing and listening to the range of musical instruments.

Saanvi, Lower IV 

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