Pizza Making


Today was another, rather exciting experience that I had in school in my Food and Nutrition lesson. I was really looking forward to the class because we were going to make everyone’s favourite –  Pizza! 

Firstly, adding the yeast, sugar, salt and oil to the flour and then mixing it, we added bits of water and then started kneading the dough. I was already imagining how crispy, thick and perfect the dough was going to turn out and my mouth started watering! We then rolled out the dough and placed it in the tray. Next we added the pizza sauce and then a few toppings like peppers, olives, chicken, mushrooms and lastly the cheese. I may have gone a bit overboard with the cheese, but that’s just how I prefer it! I placed it in the oven after it was done and the cheese started melting and it looked amazing. I then started day-dreaming about how my pizza would taste so cheesy and magnificent after it was cooked and I imagined myself having a big bite into the pizza with a long cheese pull! I didn’t want to stop day-dreaming! The best part is that the pizza tasted even better than how I imagined it after it was done! 

Having the whole day focused on pizza, it reminded me of the quote, “You can’t make everyone happy, you’re not pizza!” and that is actually very true! The moment my taste buds touched the pizza, it was like heaven and I was instantly much happier than before! I am so very happy that we learnt how to make pizza from scratch because now I can make my own, much better, more affordable and healthier ones at home! I am so thankful to Mrs Mair for helping me throughout the whole learning process!

Zainab, Upper III

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