Activities for every year
A variety of challenges and
information was open to all year
groups. From Pi themed Dingbats, to
physical challenges to be done in
3min14sec, to entering a competition
to represent Pi in an interesting way.


What is Pi day?
World Pi Day is celebrated on 14th March (3/14) every year, and celebrates
all things Pi (and Pie!).
It is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to it’s diameter.

You can’t celebrate Pi day without a good Pie!:
Pictures of savoury pies and Pi pizzas were spread around the school.
Maria and Christina Symeonidis baked a Greek Spinach Pie, which looked

Grant Sanderson link:
I love this channel (3Blue1Brown) – hosted by Grant Sanderson. The way he explains things
and the visuals he creates to go alongside what he’s saying are fantastic! There is one where
he offers a visual explanation why the sum of the squares of the reciprocals is .
Mr Stanfield enjoyed chicken pie for dinner followed by banoffee pie. He loves pi day
because it’s where maths meets food; two of his favourite things!
Mrs Fitzsimons baked an Apple Pi, which was enjoyed by the whole
Maths department at lunchtime.

Thanks also go to Mr Paterson, who impressively recited Pi to 314 decimal places. I’m sure he could
do it again if you meet him in the corridors around the school.

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