Memory Man


I was recently asked to give an online  lecture for the students at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri.

The background to this is that I was invited to the university some years ago in the capacity of a memoriser/teacher to, amongst other things, be interviewed about my experiences for a book that they were writing. That book has since been published and can be found here:

So, I have maintained this link with these researchers over the years and this year they asked me to deliver an online lecture to their undergraduate students who have signed up to a class about memorisation/cognitive psychology in education as part of their psychology degrees and who have read make it stick.

The lecture went really well and it started with a few memory demonstrations (being tested on a list of the top 100 most populated countries in the world and tested on reciting the first 314 digits of Pi forwards and backwards). This was followed by a discussion of memory techniques in general, how I used them in my own education and how now, as a teacher, I apply them to my work with my classes in Sixth Form Psychology. I answered their varied questions about the use of memorisation techniques including the limitations that they pose and all in all it was an enjoyable experience, even though the whole thing was done through Zoom!

Mr Paterson

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