Lower III to Dinton Pastures:


Lower III reflect on a very enjoyable trip to Dinton Pastures this week!

“My day at Dinton Pastures was really exciting, amazing, educational and most of all FUN!

We were put into 3 different groups. My group went climbing first, and I had lots of fun. My favourite part was going stand up paddle boarding; it was very comfortable and tranquil when we were on the water. I was partnered with Rachel and we managed not to fall off, but we got in the water in the end by sliding in. 


“My favourite aspect of Dinton was paddle boarding. It was my first time trying water activities other than swimming. It was tranquil and pleasant when we learned to operate the paddle board. I’ll never forget this incredible event. I enjoy rock climbing, but it is not my favourite because I’m extremely afraid of heights and didn’t want to climb all the way to the top. On the other hand, I did venture outside of my comfort zone with regard to heights, and the second time I tried, I was braver and bolder. I’m hoping to be able to return here in the future and repeat what I did.”


“I was so nervous about paddle boarding because I didn’t know what it was, but it turns out, it’s my new favourite part of the trip! Dinton Pastures is an amazing place to be, where you can have fun on the water, or do some rock climbing! There are so many different sports to choose from, and who knows? You might even find your new favourite sport!”


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