Head’s Award


Myrah wrote a very moving poem about the experience of a refugee, as an extension of her learning in the classroom. Mr le Fleming and Miss Kaura were delighted to present her with a Head’s Award to celebrate this thoughtful and compassionate piece of writing. Well done, Myrah!

The Journey of Survival
It was just one normal day
I had come back from school
And wanted to play
Oh I was such a fool
I went on my bike
To the river by the mall
Or something of the like,
I can’t remember it all!
When out of the blue
something changed my life forever
I saw a bomb hit the zoo
And back then I wasnt’ very clever
But I knew one thing
This town was no longer a safe place
So to my feet I spring
And to home I race
I knocked on the door
And when i went inside
I saw clothes on the floor
My mother looked at me and sighed –
“Darling we must leave our home
We’ll travel by boat
To the beautiful city Rome”
I felt a lump in my throat
So without a word
I packed my bags too
And i heard a songbird
Singing as it flew
I bid it good bye
Good luck and farewell
And tried not to cry
As I heard the war bell
We sneaked onto a ship
Or lifeboat of some sort
And thats when this trip
Started by leaving this port

Away we sailed,
My father and mother
And I had to console the ones who wailed

My baby sister and Brother
I had to assure them that we would return soon
With all my courage and might
That that this was a holiday or honey moon
As the land shrunk out of sight
We travelled a quarter by boat
A quarter by train
Unfortunately we were completely soaked
As we weren’t lucky enough to catch a plane
We travelled a quarter by car
A quarter by foot
But think how lucky we are
To have this kind of output
We travelled for twelve days and twelve nights
Unsure whether we would survive
But on the bright side we saw some magnificent sights
And we all made it out alive

By Myrah

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