Going Quackers at Little Knellies


Little Knellies have been having so much fun this week playing with the ducklings, having cuddles and watching them progress with their swimming.

The ducklings have grown so much and have now progressed to the big pool where they like to duck (quite literally) and dive causing lots of splashes which in turn brings lots of giggles and joy from the students.

Progressing to the big pool wasn’t the only thing the ducklings have achieved this week..they are now artists! Houey, Douey, Louey, Daphne and Daisy proudly stomped through the paint creating their own masterpiece leaving a trail of footprints behind. 

Delightful balls of fluff.

Utter time wasters.

Cuddly companions.

Keep on swimming.

Long lasting bonds.


Naughty, but cute.

Giggles guaranteed.

So long and farewell.

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