Geography Field Trip


This week Lower IV went on an exciting field trip to the coast. We had a really fun day in Bournemouth and Hengistbury Head learning about coastal processes including longshore drift. 

Throughout the day we completed many practical fieldwork tasks in groups and as a class. In the morning we visited Bournemouth beach and were introduced to fieldwork skills, doing things like drawing field sketches of the beach landscape and analysing the various coastal defences for protecting the beach. In the afternoon we visited Hengistbury Head and worked in groups to independently create our own research questions and come up with methods to investigate these. 

We had to think about how to collect our data and predict what we thought the end data would show. After this we collected all our data using different equipment including measuring tapes, clinometers and the Powers Index. Finally we reflected on our research and explained what our data showed. We had a fun day at the coast!  

Becca and Mariella, Lower IV

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