Beale Wildlife Park


On Tuesday, the Upper I students visited Beale Wildlife Park. The day started with a very insightful workshop about the human impact on environments and how this affects animals. We discussed Endangered animals, the importance of conversation and the impact of animal extinction on ecosystems. We learnt about the important job of the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and had the opportunity to touch or hold them. We then met and touched a Brazilian Rainbow Boa. To end off our workshop, we discussed what action we can take to make a difference to our environment. 

The afternoon was filled with seeing a range of animals, namely: Lemurs, Kangaroos with Joeys, a Lynx, Zebra, a Porcupine, Alpacas and Meerkats to name a few. Some highlights of the day were the train ride around the park, reading all the animal facts, seeing the cute otters huddled together, learning about a range of different animals and their habitat and of course the bouncing cushion and zip line. It was a spectacular day out in the sun for the students and teachers.

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