One of our Lower V GCSE classes has been implementing their knowledge of guidance and feedback into practical coaching sessions over the past couple of weeks. 

The class were tasked with delivering practical teaching sessions, which included various guidance methods to improve skill learning, whilst also ensuring they included appropriate types of feedback to the group. 

Well done, everyone!

Sophie and Jasmine – football penalties
Sophie and Jasmine provided constant feedback (positive and negative) to their students throughout their session and they demonstrated excellent leadership skills by leading a warm up.

Siya and Sophie – cricket bowling
Siya and Sophie were the first group who used manual guidance during their session. They also catered for those students who were less experienced in the technique by moving them closer to the wickets, if necessary. 

Sarah and Sophie – tennis serving
Sarah and Sophie created a fun, team atmosphere in their session. Sarah and Sophie gave their students plenty of time to try the skill, enabling them to progress quickly and give plenty of time for feedback. 

Emma and Naiya – long jump
Emma and Naiya used engaging methods in their long jump session and their use of visual guidance through demonstrations was effective. I liked the way they used positive feedback, followed by an area for improvement (negative feedback). 

Louisa and Harriet – cartwheels
Louisa and Harriet used knowledge of performance feedback through their students giving feedback to one another. They split their students into groups for the session and finished with a fun challenge.

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