Gap Year Travelling – Alumnae Talk Series


‘I have to fit my travels into grown up holidays now’, laughed alumna Erin Watts (2018 leaver) speaking to Upper VI students in ‘Skills for Life’ this week.

Erin returned to The Abbey to pass on her top tips for travelling abroad and staying safe.

Erin travelled to Argentina, Cuba and Mexico – and is now studying for a degree apprenticeship in the construction industry.

Tip 1: If you are worried, take someone with you

Erin’s sister travelled with her for the first couple of weeks. She said this was helpful whilst adapting to the language and culture and prepared her well for her solo adventure.

Tip 2: Do your research in advance

For example, understanding the currency, what money to take with you and how to get cash. Erin advised reading student travel blogs to really get the low down.

Tip 3: Make a plan but know you are going to change it

Whilst pre-planning is vital, local knowledge is the best knowledge and you’ll want to be spontaneous.

Tip 4: Make good choices

Erin explained that sometimes this can simply be taking a day out to rest. Make sensible decisions about personal safety.

Tip 5: Go where YOU want to go

Even when travelling in a group, don’t be afraid to leave the group to do something you’ve always wanted to do. You might never get the chance again!

Thank you to Erin for sharing such practical advice in such an entertaining way with some stunning photography.  

Good luck to our Upper VI students who are embarking on gap year travels in the autumn!

Our regular series of alumnae talks provides engaging and relevant opportunities for current students to benefit from our lifelong alumnae network. 

Marianne Clarke, Director of Engagement & Development

Julie Bushrod, Alumnae, Engagement & Development Officer

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