Duke of Edinburgh’s Award certificate presentation


We recently held our annual Duke of Edinburgh’s Award certificate presentation and celebration assembly. This is a special moment to celebrate the many DofE Awards achieved this academic year, since September, by Abbey students. 

As part of our assembly a number of students spoke about some of the activities they took part in. Completing a DofE Award takes a great deal of commitment and determination and anyone who does achieve a DofE Award deserves congratulating. 

To complete the Volunteering Section, students must have given their time and efforts for the benefit of others, during our assembly we heard from students who had helped at Rainbows and helped a refugee charity. 

To complete the Physical Section students must have taken part in regular exercise and we heard from students who had windsurfed and danced. 

To complete the Skill Section students must have developed knowledge of a skill outside of their school curriculum, and we heard from students who had developed their drumming and public speaking skills. To complete the Residential Section students must take part in a multi day residential activity with people they didn’t know beforehand and we heard from students who had taken part in cooking and music residentials. 

Often the Expedition Section is seen as the highlight of The Award and we heard from students recounting some learning experiences and adventures from both Silver and Gold Expeditions.  The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award has become one of the most sought after non-academic qualifications because of the sheer amount of experiences students will have had during their activities and because not everyone completes their Awards, in fact nationally, less than half the people who start a DofE Award actually complete it. 

I am very pleased to say that we have awarded 76 Silver and 20 Gold Awards since September. Silver Award certificates were presented during our assembly and those who have achieved Gold Awards will be invited to a celebration event at Buckingham Palace in the near future.

Many congratulations to all of our students completing Awards and receiving certificates and good luck to all those who are in the midst of their own DofE journeys.

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