Black History Month


In celebration of Black History Month, we have put together a display of approximately 300 books ranging from history to autobiographies and a wide range of fiction featuring black protagonists or written by black authors.

Our favourites include ‘Black and British’ by David Olusoga which discusses the first Africans to come to Britain, the industrial revolution, cotton grown on slave plantations and the black soldiers who fought for Britain in the First World War. Some recommended fiction for Middle Years and Young Adults includes ‘Elijah of Buxton’ by Christopher Paul Curtis, which is about one of the first children born into freedom in Canada, and ‘Indigo Donot’ written by a popular mixed- race British author, Patrice Lawrence, who lives in Brighton. Patrice has written several novels for young adults which are available in the library.

Any student who borrows from the selected list for Black History Month will receive a Rosa and prizes given for a written review.

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