Upper Identity Poetry


We are all excellent at at different things,

Some of us swimming, others at making friends.

We are all different. We are unique.

Together we are amazing.

Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry

Some days are good, some days are worse,

But we should always find the joy in something, as we never know what might be.

I look around the playground and I see young girls being moulded into women. Confidently striding with heads in the air, walking towards another classroom full of hope and joy.

It makes you wonder about learning; having a new chance to find out something new.

Excitement floating around your body, it opens the door to a new chance that might only come once.

Discovering and researching new things, you could learn much more beyond what you think there is. So take a chance and use that curiosity to lead you further throughout your life

Let it lead you to new discoveries – new things are made with this curiosity.

Learning opens a mind, touches a heart and unlocks new creativity into the world. Knowledge grows like a blossoming flower making us more intelligent.

Being collaborative helps us to think better, learn better, understand better and is a big highlight. It can make ideas to last a school but inventions to last the world.

Lots of questions are unanswered and we all wonder what the answer is to them. At The Abbey, we think hard and outside the box so we become intelligent and thoughtful, and all the unknown becomes answered because the lightbulb in our head that we never bothered to use, is tired out but we can charge it up and it makes us amazing inquirers.

Full of friendships to last for years to come.

We are turned from girls always wanting their mothers and climbing a mountain with a thousand people at the bottom, there to catch us if we fall, to young,mature and independent children ready to take on that mountain alone, ready to face their fears alone, and the once little birds who needed their mothers for everything are now ready to leave the nest, alone.

With different opinions always forming, passion is formed too. Around the school, girls find a cause: climate change, deforestation and stick with that cause through thick and thin.

Schoolgirls in appearance, leaders at heart.

Yashasvee, Naomi, Meiyu, Myrah, Upper II

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