Upper I Symbols


The Upper I students have been exploring the Central Idea that Symbols are used to express and communicate beliefs and values. In our art lessons we have been looking at creating split self-portraits.

Students were guided on how to draw self portraits, ensuring they looked regularly in a mirror to make the positioning of their eyes, nose and mouth correct. Their faces were then split into two, half of their face was done in ‘portrait style’, and the other half, they added symbols that represented their beliefs, values and interests. 

“I have enjoyed expressing myself and sharing a little bit more about who I am on the inside” – Saanvi 

“I really enjoyed learning where to correctly position things on a portrait, for example that your eyes are actually half way down your face” – Aashvi 

“I really liked that we could express our feelings and let others know what I like and who I am! – Ashira 

“I could see the difference between my first draft and my final product, and I liked seeing how much I had improved” – Temi

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