The Circuit: The Evolution of BETT-er Technology


I would like to share with you my insights from the recent BETT show in London.

The BETT Show is an annual education event that brings together educators, technologists and industry leaders to explore the latest trends, innovations and technologies that are shaping the future of education. BETT stands for British Education Training and Technology. It is one of the leading events in the field of education technology. Previous year’s shows have been exceptional and this year was no different. Staff from IT, Digital learning and Computer Science all attended the show this year. It is amazing to see the dynamic relationship between education and technology.

It is impossible to deny the impact technology has had on education in recent years. From interactive screens to virtual classrooms, technology has shaped, and continues to shape the way students learn and teachers teach. The BETT Show showcased a wide range of solutions, each designed to enhance the education experience and equip students with the skills needed for the digital age.

One key theme that emerged from the BETT Show is the importance of staying abreast of new developments in technology. The world is evolving rapidly, and education must evolve with it. As educators, we have a responsibility to prepare our students for a future that is increasingly driven by technology. Attending events like BETT allows us to explore what is new, what is developing and how we can integrate these technologies safely within our school.

The fear of missing out (FOMO) can be a powerful motivator, especially in the fast-paced world of technology. However, it’s not just about adopting the latest gadgets; it’s about selecting the appropriate tools that align with our own objectives. Just as important is striking a balance between embracing innovations and making sensible spending decisions.

The BETT Show’s agenda was packed with insightful sessions covering topics such as; AI, Digital Wellbeing and sustainability. It was great to have open conversations with providers and educators on how they are reducing their carbon footprint and improving sustainability. 

The collaboration and commitment to improve education and innovation was evident throughout the event. It reinforced the idea that the relationship between education and technology is not just about tools; it’s about people coming together to create impactful learning experiences. 

While embracing new technologies we also need to remember the core principles that guide our teaching and learning. Technology is a tool to be used, and it is not always the correct solution to solve a problem. Technology should complement and enhance the teaching that takes place everyday in our classrooms. 

In conclusion, the BETT Show once again proved to be a vital platform for educators and technologists to explore the advances of technology in education.

As we navigate this ever changing landscape it is crucial to approach the adoption of new technology thoughtfully and safely, ensuring that new technologies are implemented for the right reasons.   

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