Swimming Gala


Last week The Abbey Junior Swimming team travelled to LVS Ascot for a friendly gala. We saw students from Upper I, Upper II and Lower III swim against the clock to race for victory. 

Amy (Lower III) lead the way with a fantastic 100m I.M swim, racing against some strong competition.  The team comradery was excellent throughout the evening, especially for all of our individual events. A particular special mention to Naomi who took to the diving block for the very first time!

During the last few races of the gala we saw some brilliant relay events in the freestyle and individual medley. It was awesome to see how much the team has developed across this year, ensuring we made clean take overs to avoid any disqualifications! 

Well done TEAM!

Over the weekend, Amy achieved a county time representing her club in the 50m breaststroke. Not only does she now qualify for the county championships next year, but also racing 2 seconds under the qualifying time!! WOW! Well done Amy!

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