Skill in Sport


Our Upper VI IB Sports, Exercise and Health Science cohort are currently studying the topic of ‘skill in sport’. 

This week, they completed practical sessions on teaching styles and feedback in order to further develop their knowledge and understanding of the varying style characteristics. The group had a great time taking on the teacher role whilst learning about Mosston and Ashworth’s (1986) spectrum of teaching styles! 

Anabelle, Maddie and Mimi – ‘Command style’ 

This group decided to teach the tennis serve and were allocated the ‘command style’ approach. The group fulfilled the criteria by making sure they directed all the instructions and that the class was set up in an orderly fashion. 

Amelie and Rosa – ‘Reciprocal style’ 

Amelie and Rosa set up their triple jump task by placing the rest of the class into two small groups. Students were allocated either a ‘participant’ or an ‘observer’ role with the aim of the student taking increasing responsibility for their learning. 

Lizzie, Mahi and Mira – ‘Divergent style’

The divergent style utilises a highly individual approach whereby the learner designs the questions and the solutions. This group utilised netball shooting as their task and they supported the class by observing and guiding via ‘individual conferences’. 

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