Philosothon Competition


Two teams of mixed year groups (Teams Alpha and Omega) took part in a Philosothon Competition, where professional Philosophers (Professor David Oderberg and Dr Charlotte Newey) judged the quality of conversation as students investigated concepts arising from two philosophical texts. Zara Ghazanfar (Lower V) reported:

“I found it an incredible experience and it was particularly interesting to hear and discuss different people’s perspectives and engage in a friendly, yet thought-provoking, conversation. All participants were given the material beforehand on the two topics, “Moral Luck” and “The Extended Mind”, and we discussed and analysed the content, enabling us to probe deeper and explore, as well as extend, our understanding and viewpoints. In the end, our team (Team Alpha) was placed close first and we each received a small prize. Everyone was awarded certificates for contributing. Personally, I found that having the chance to participate in this exciting event was an invaluable and enjoyable encounter, as the success criteria was based on facilitating and developing substantive dialogue. I had a positive and productive experience and I look forward to participating in future events!”

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