Menopause Talk


On Wednesday, Upper V and Sixth Form attended a talk by Dr McQuillan about the menopause and its surrounding topics.

“Whilst initially we discussed menopause as an issue later in life, we found out about how females of our age and older can be affected, and the importance of knowing the symptoms early. We were shocked by the over 47 symptoms listed, and are now more informed about what to look out for in ourselves and others. Dr McQuillan raised awareness about how menopause and its effects should be discussed from a younger age, both for ourselves, and so that we are more aware of how others going through it may feel. We want to thank Dr Mcquillan for her informative and engaging presentation.”
Emma & Alice, Upper VI

“The talk gave us an insight to the Menopause and explained why it is important to know about it even at an early age.
It really helped us to gain awareness and understanding of what people around us are going through and how we can offer support.

Dr Shilpa also shared how common fears such as developing breast cancer can easily be checked for at home, and we are incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity for someone to explain to us things we may experience in the future so that we know what to expect.”
Jasmin & Juliette Upper V

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