Lower VI Economics Trip


The Lower VI Economics Trip to The Netherlands took place from 23-25 March and it was a great success.

From exploring the bustling streets of Amsterdam and enjoying an evening canal cruise, to delving into the economic marvels of Rotterdam, every moment was filled with learning about how businesses in The Netherlands operate within the wider economic climate of the country.

The highlight of the trip was the combination of a boat tour and a bus tour during our all-day visit to the Port of Rotterdam, Europe’s busiest and the world’s eighth most significant sea port in the world. The visit provided us with valuable insights into global trade and logistics.

At Royal Coster Diamonds, we marvelled at the craftsmanship behind the world’s most precious gems and witnessed diamond cutting demonstrations. The students also had the opportunity to see what diamond rings look like on their hands.

At a Floating Farm in Rotterdam, we discovered the future of sustainable agriculture by observing an urban farming practice: a herd of cows permanently on a platform which floats on water in the city itself, and whose entire farming process is automated. At 7am on our final day, we visited Royal FloraHolland, the world’s largest flower auction. We witnessed the jaw-dropping process of flower trading, gaining insights into the global flower market and its economic impact on The Netherlands. The site handles an incredible 40 million plants each day and we got to see it in full action.

A huge thank you to all the students for their enthusiasm and curiosity, and to Mrs Hart for accompanying the trip. The trip will return again in the Easter holiday of 2025 and it will be open to Lower VI Economics students.

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