Junior School Run


On Tuesday, September 26th, we had the pleasure of hosting students, parents, and teachers from Nursery to LIII for our much-anticipated annual Fun Run. Despite initial concerns about the weather, it held up, allowing us to savor a delightful non-competitive run around the picturesque Cintra Park.

The morning was nothing short of fantastic, beginning with an exhilarating parent and teacher relay that set a spirited tone for the day. The culmination was the LIII race, where our students showcased their determination and enthusiasm. To reward their commendable efforts, each participant received a well-deserved medal, and, to sweeten the celebration, a delectable doughnut was savored by all.

Thank you to everyone who made this event a memorable and enjoyable experience. We look forward to many more such gatherings that bring our school community together in the spirit of fun and unity.

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