Junior School Head’s Awards


Mr le Fleming was delighted to award Julia in Lower III the Head’s Award for outstanding academic achievement on Wednesday 25 January. She produced a fantastic piece of work about the inherited characteristics of offspring of Mr Men and Little Miss characters. 

She was able to clearly identify the characteristics inherited from each parent and even pointed out some features that were not genetically inherited, but were in fact possessions handed down from one generation to the next (another form of inheritance).  

Her work was also highlighted and praised by her peers for its wonderful content and exceptional presentation. 

Congratulations, Julia!

Aheli (Upper I)

Miss Kaura was delighted to present Aheli with a Head’s Award on Wednesday 1 February for her incredible story writing! In English, the Upper One students have been using their previously gained writing skills to create their own independent writing piece based on an image of a tiny dragon. They have been honing their skills of planning, looking at their success criteria and using their own writing goals. 

Aheli created an introduction to her story that entices you to want to read the rest. Her use of rhetorical questions, adventurous vocabulary, varied speech marks and how well it was thought out grab the reader’s attention and attracts them to read more. 

Well done Aheli!

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