Junior Eco Council


On Friday, The Junior Eco Council presented an assembly ahead of Earth Day on 22 April.

The theme for this year is Planet vs Plastics. In the assembly the Eco Council educated students about the problems of plastic:

Plastic Production: Most plastics start their life as a fossil fuel. Extracting the fossil fuel from the ground, refining it and making it into plastic produces an enormous amount of air pollution.

Plastic Pollution: Plastics that aren’t disposed of properly pose a danger to all living creatures. Animals can be trapped by plastics or can make them sick if eaten. Millions of animals are killed by plastics each year.

Single-use plastics:  Single use plastics are those that can’t be recycled. Landfills are filled with single use plastics that will take hundreds of years to break down. Other single use plastics are incinerated, causing a huge amount of air pollution.
The key to solving these problems is to make mindful choices by reducing, reusing and recycling as much plastic as possible.
We are working together as a school to do this.

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