Interview Training with VR


On Wednesday 31 January, we had the opportunity to try out an immersive interview training session using BodySwap virtual reality headsets.

We were equipped with a VR headset, a controller for each hand, and a pair of headphones, and were taught by AI about interview techniques. We were introduced to the C.A.R. technique to answering interview questions (Context, Action, Result) and were shown some exemplar responses to questions by the AI teachers.

We were then able to practise our own answers, with the system recording the movements and gestures of our avatars for us to watch back and reflect on. Even though it was initially a bit difficult to navigate, as we were using advanced technology, I soon managed to get the hang of the control system, and could engage fully in the task.

I felt that this was a really positive and helpful experience, as we could practise answering interview questions in an environment that really emulated a real interview experience, and I came out of the session feeling like my confidence and ability to understand and effectively answer interview questions had really grown.

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