Interludes Recital


The final Interludes Recital of the spring term was a special “Harp Plus One” edition which showcased a number of our talented harpists in duet with various instruments. 

This wonderful concept – provided by our harp teacher, Ms. Elliott – was a fitting end to a very busy term and allowed the audience to enjoy a quiet moment before the spring holidays begin! 

Shree and Innaaya began the recital with an evocative piece describing a walk in autumn, arranged for violin and harp.  This was followed by a traditional melody depicting a small river in Northern Ireland, Kells Water, performed on the flute and harp by Amelia and Honor.  Inaaya played once again in the subsequent piece, The Nightingale, which was sensitively performed in duo with Anushka whose beautiful voice combined beautifully with the harp. 

To conclude, Natalie transported us to a French café with a waltz played in collaboration with Ms. Elliott on the accordion – not an instrument that features regularly in our recitals!  Huge thanks must be extended to all performers, the ever supportive audience and to Ms. Elliott for going above and beyond the call of duty by teaching herself a new instrument specifically for this performance!  That’s dedication!

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