Inspiring Art – Profondeur d’identité (Deeper into Identity)


Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga

From the Ghost of the Present series. 2021

Amelia, Upper IV

This artist and this piece of work inspires me as it portrays an important historical event that many people are not aware of. I have a greater understanding of the work after going to an artist talk where I was able to watch Eddy Kamunaga Ilunga being interviewed. The series is about the church-farms in the Democratic Republic of Congo which were put into place by King Leopald II who wanted to educate the children and get rid of their former cultures in order to control the new generation. There is a great use of symbolism such as the empty chair which suggests a hidden power that is always present. Furthermore, there is a circuit board pattern on the skin which is a reference to the mining of coltan in Congo that is currently occurring. This shows the link between the past and present because there is still exploitation occurring and raises awareness. The goat which features many times in the series is a symbol of resistance in the DRC so there is hope shown in the paintings.

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