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‘Infinity mirrored rooms – filled with the brilliance of life’ Yayoi Kusama is currently an installation at the Tate modern, first created in 2011

I have never seen/experienced anything quite like her installation, and so I really wanted to talk about it because I think her work is so unique and powerful.

At the exhibition, I found out that she lives voluntarily in a psychiatric hospital due to hallucinations she sees patterns moving, multiplying, engulfing everything around her and finally consuming her, a process she termed ‘Self Obliteration.’ 

She started painting to help her control her ‘visions’, which then progressed to installations and other forms of expression. The aim of her art was to make the viewer part of it – which she really has done – creating a seemingly endless abyss of colours and shapes. I felt like I was just immersed in something I couldn’t quite put into words. It is like an insight into her world.

I love that her work is so open to interpretation, and also really beautiful.

‘My life is a dot lost among thousands of other dots’ – Yayoi Kusama

Rosie, Upper V

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