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The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in the Sixth Form comprises six ‘groups’ of the different types of subjects, for example humanities, languages, and Group 4, which is Science.

Last week, the Lower Sixth IB students had two full days of doing Group 4 Projects. The theme was energy, and we were asked to come up with a 10 minute presentation.  We got to team up with other students in the IB who don’t necessarily do the same science as us, meaning that we got to look at the theme from the perspective of all the five sciences on offer at The Abbey (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Sports Exercise & Health Science and Computer Science).  What I enjoyed most about the project was that it had to be a video rather than a poster or essay.  I found that having it be a video format meant that we could be more creative and include more humour.  This meant that at the end of the day, when we watched the other group’s videos, it wasn’t just all science but contained jokes, meaning that the information learnt was easier to take in.

On Thursday, two days after we finished the Group 4 Project, we had a full Extended Essay (EE) day.  We spent the entire day learning how to research academically which also included a mini masterclass from the librarian on how to use the London Library website to get access to more resources and how to undertake a Boolean Search to make sure we only get the most relevant and reliable information possible.  The EE is a four thousand word,  meticulously-researched academic paper on any subject that interests those who take the IB.  For me, I find it a fantastic opportunity to talk in depth about a topic I’m passionate about, but wouldn’t usually be given the chance to look into.  Furthermore, whilst doing the essay, we also build writing and research skills that will be essential for university.

Overall, both of these experiences really encouraged everyone’s academic pursuits!

Cristina, Lower VI

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