Golf Tournament


The start of the holiday season saw Myka start the North London USKids Golf tournaments – the first in the series of upcoming competitions. The USKids competitions saw her play six tournaments which ended up in a championship finale on Sunday 14 April. Myka performed well…really well!

  • Two wins
  • Three 2nd place finishes
  • One 3rd place finish

This gave her an overall 155 points which saw her winning the girls age 11-12 group category in the North London tour.

During the Easter break; Mrs Brown encouraged Myka and a few of the girls to register at the Nick Faldo future qualifying series at Mapledurham. Myka qualified through the girls age 11-12 and will see her playing the Regional finals at Brocket Hall  in Welwyn Garden City on 2 June. If she qualifies (fingers crossed), Myka will proceed to the finals at The Belfry sometime in August as the opener to The British Masters.

The following months will see Myka playing the following competitions to season end in October of this year–

  • Surrey Rookie Tour
  • Robert Rock Junior Tour
  • Berkshire Golf girls
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