Food and Nutrition – Pancake Day


In Lower IV there is the option to join a Food and Nutrition club. I joined at the beginning of the year and have thoroughly enjoyed the club. On 21 February, it was Pancake Day, also known as Shrove Tuesday, and our teacher had decided it would be fun to make pancakes. 

We had the choice of American pancakes and easy pancakes. I chose to make the easy pancakes as I am not a very skilled baker! I found it was very easy to follow this recipe and they tasted really good.

My friends and I really enjoyed making pancakes (although we did have some failures). We had a go with tossing them in the air and after several times we had all succeeded! We had a quick taste with our lunch and they were a successful snack.

 We had so much fun celebrating Shrove Tuesday by making our delicious pancakes! 

by Amelia and Raelyn

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