Food and Nutrition


For the past two weeks in Food and Nutrition, we have learned about gelatinisation and how it affects sauce thickness. Gelatinisation happens when starch absorbs water and swells.

We experimented with two methods for making a pasta bake: the roux method and the all-in-one method.

The roux method involves combining and cooking flour and fat, like butter, and gradually adding milk for a creamy sauce. The all-in-one method involves cooking all of the ingredients together.

The roux method resulted in a creamy sauce with a thick texture. The all-in-one method also had a thick texture, but with a milky flavour. Both methods still thickened due to gelatinisation.

In the end, I preferred the roux method for my pasta bake. I added cheese to enhance the flavour, which melted into the sauce and made it even more delicious. I also added pesto and layered the bake at home; this gave my pasta bake a nice cheese pull and excellent taste. Understanding the science behind food preparation helps us make better choices and create tasty dishes.

Sunny Gotiwale, Upper IV

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