First Lego League competition


Nine boys from Reading School and Tejas from Abbey School got together and formed a club Robotcrafters calling their team “Legonardo Da Vinci”. These young secondary school students came together to embark on an exciting journey into the world of robotics! This club has been igniting curiosity and creativity in both boys and girls, preparing them to participate in the First Lego League (details on the FLL can be found here:

They explored the endless possibilities of technology, teamwork, and innovation in Robotcrafters and have been meeting once every week since September last year.

On 14 March, they were invited to Cranfield University Aerospace Integration Research Center to participate in the regional FLL competition. The students had to design a robot that would complete a number of missions within 150 seconds and also complete an innovation project with this year’s theme being Art.

The innovation project that the students worked on was based on “Sports via Art”. For this they collaborated with the Whiteknights Bowls club, and analysed the problem that the bowls club needed more younger members. In order to help the community and help the bowls club, the students had detailed conversations with the chairman of the bowls club and the top England player in the club. 

The students created a solution through social media impact and produced a reel to help resolve the problem. The bowls club was very impressed with the work done by the students and video/reel created by the students has been posted on Facebook, X/Twitter and Instagram and has got over 2000 views (including original and updated video based on the feedback). The link to the FB video is here :

The bowls club also quoted: 
“We are really enthused by your energy and understanding of how we try to attract a new and younger audience into bowls at Whiteknights. The game is at a real cross roads, and we need to find new and innovative ways for us to introduce bowls to a wider audience.We are delighted with the video that the students have created and we are keen to continue working in partnership and collaboration with the local community, Reading school and Abbey school students. We look forward to showcasing the excellent work the students have been making.”

The students did really well in the competition as it was a whole day competition. The team won the prestigious “Community Award” for their excellent work on giving back to the community. We would like to congratulate all the students for their efforts and dedication.

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