Father’s Day


Lower I’s Father’s Day challenge brought excitement, speed and problem-solving to Kensington Hall. 

Dad’s and daughters had the challenge of building a car in 30 minutes using the materials provided. All of the cars were released down a ramp to see how far they would go. 

In 3rd place were Rosa May and her daddy, followed by a very close second with Yifeng and her daddy. Congratulations go to the winning team of Amy and her daddy who used the elastic band propeller approach. Well done to all who took part, and there were some very imaginative and creative designs! 

It was such a wonderful day and the dads were delighted to have their Father’s Day cards presented to them at the end of the day. A special mention to The Abbey’s maintenance team for arranging the tables and to the catering staff who provided some very appropriate Father’s Day cupcakes.

Mrs Flint

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