Computer Science Trip


This Wednesday, a small group of Lower V and Upper V students visited Sandhurst School. They gave a presentation to encourage Upper IV students to take Computer Science at GCSE and A-Level. Grace represented the Sixth Form and spoke about her Upper V experience in taking A-Level Computer Science. All the students used a game that Zara devised based on Rock, Paper, Scissors in Python. She created a detailed help sheet that supported students with the rationale behind the syntax. Grace even debugged the teacher’s program! 

Sukhmani, Jodie, Kashvi and Laylajoy then supported the Sandhurst School students to understand the game and worked in groups to debug code. The teacher at Sandhurst was impressed with The Abbey School’s Computer Science curriculum. Grace said that she particularly enjoyed this experience and sharing her love for programming at a different school setting. The day ended with further steps and a careers chat with Mrs Forrest and Ms Seabrook-Moore. As we left the school, we had the invitation to return any time for more collaborations between the schools. Well done, Sukhmani, Zara, Jodie, Kashvi, Grace and Laylajoy for your amazing technical teaching skills. I look forward to continuing to see you grow in your creative programming knowledge.

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