ADHD Assembly


In October the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion society organised another successful assembly: ‘Understanding ADHD’, to mark ADHD Awareness Month. Broadcaster and Alumnae Clare Catford (1979 leaver) put together a short video to share her experiences of living with ADHD. 

Read what students Daisy, Olivia D, Emily and Olivia K (Upper IV) thought about the assembly:

I liked having it from a former Abbey student as it made it a lot easier to relate to. We were told about her life and all the cool stuff she did, which made it easy to see that people with ADHD can experience life with almost no differences to someone without it. 

I liked the fact it was external, and from someone who had ADHD their own perspective. This helped us to understand how one person with ADHD might feel, whilst still leaving room for different experiences. 

I liked how it was presented and the video went through the definition at the start. The video was informative whilst also being interesting which is good because it held student’s attention.

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