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We are Meraki, a Young Enterprise group wishing to raise awareness for the safety of all women. 

Meraki means doing something with soul, absolute devotion and undivided attention, and we hope to do just that. Our product is a necklace, with a uniting symbol, shown as the pendant, supporting the safety of all women. 

We aim to create a community where this pendant is known and identified, helping us raise awareness for such a current issue and hopefully allowing people to feel safe when talking about their experiences.

We recently attended a market in the Oracle Trade Fair and won the award for the Best Trade Stand in Reading which we all are very proud of.

If you would like to support us, please visit our website and social media links below, where you can learn more about our journey and you can purchase our necklace! 

Sania, Managing Director 
instagram – @ye.meraki twitter – @ye_meraki
website –

email address – 

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