Whiteknights Studio Trail


Over the weekend of 11-12 June, the Turret House Gallery was reopened to our Abbey and wider Reading community once again as part of the Whiteknights Studio Trail. 

Abbey Artists in Residence, Kristin and Emily, as well as Liz Mackereth (our Gallery Manager and Art Technician) all exhibited their wonderful work ranging from painting, textiles and illustrative pieces.

We were privileged to host an additional charity art exhibition (20×20 2022) consisting of small framed pieces of artwork donated by each artist participating in the trail. This was to raise money for The British Red Cross: Ukraine Appeal. It was such a successful weekend, the highlight being the warm and friendly community atmosphere. In addition to this we are excited to share news that all the charity artwork was sold with over £1700 raised – amazing! 

Special thanks to everyone who supported the event from behind the scenes, to our wonderful visitors and charity supporters. Lastly to our artists for the magnificent exhibition. We look forward to welcoming the wider community back this time next year. 

The Abbey Art Department

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